TV Commercial Variety vs. Cost of Advertising Part 1

Before I began collecting data on the methods that TV commercials use to appeal to viewers, I first had to decide how to categorize the types of consumer appeal such that differences between samples could be easily singled out and identified.  I eventually decided on a modification of the classic ‘logos, pathos, ethos’ categories, which classify persuasive techniques based on their appeal to logic, emotion, and trust respectively.  My initial thinking was to use those categories, and additionally a humor category, and decide which approach was intended by the advertising company to be the strongest; that strategy, however, was far too subjective to be trusted to reveal any significant differences between samples.  Therefore, I decided to modify the categories and create a hierarchy: [Read more…]

My Monroad Trip Paintings and Reflections

The following pieces are four of my favorite paintings that I created for this project and I feel that they represent a culmination of all of the work I put into this project. My first few paintings were incredibly bad, but over the course of painting more, I began to feel significantly more comfortable with the watercolors and happier with what I produced. I feel that I successfully captured the lighting in the environments I observed and in doing so have done some justice to the amazing views I witnessed.

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Who’s in the News?

For the final portion of my project, I hoped to analyze the levels of racial/ethnic diversity of people mentioned in news articles and look for a relationship between the newsroom diversity and the representativeness of their reporting. Regrettably, doing so isn’t a viable option for both procedural and substantive reasons. I quickly discovered that it’s very difficult to consistently discern the racial/ethnic identity of people in news articles with a reasonable level of confidence. The name and title usually given in an article are often insufficient. Prominent individuals can be researched further, but I had hoped to take a macro look at all mentions, especially “regular” people. Instead, I was only able to get a sense of the general penumbras of racial/ethnic representation in the media.

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Who’s Reporting the News?

In my first blog post, I shared some graphics illustrating the racial/ethnic composition of several major newspapers, some more diverse than others. What did you think looking at them? Did they seem diverse?

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