Universal Influenza Vaccine: Update 2

At this point, I have just about completed my research and I am beginning to convert my detailed outline into essay form. Hopefully I will have a finished product ready to submit in the next few days!

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ADS Ray Gun – Update 2

Welcome to my second research update!

The second half of my research was spent trying to discern the pros and cons of non-lethal weapon proliferation, specifically regarding ADS, the ray gun that leaves no trace and that none can withstand.

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Hollywood and the Holocaust – Update 2

I have now completed my research (for the most part) and have begun to write my research paper. I’ve decided to change my focus a little bit since I last posted. While much of my paper will focus on Jewish studio heads, such as the Warner Brothers, who made anti-Nazi films, I also wanted to highlight the work of others involved in the film industry, such as screenwriter Ben Hecht (who produced theĀ We Will Never DieĀ Pageant), Carl Laemmle (who sent money and affidavits to Jewish refugees), and actress Hedy Lamarr (who invented radio frequency hopping technology). I thought it would be important to showcase how different people found different ways to help their people and fight against Hitler. Additionally, I have decided not to research the DEFA (German) films. While I think this would be really fascinating, I just think it would take my paper on too much of a tangent away from what the Jewish studio heads actually did.

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Keys to Success for Clean Energy Startups

In my first post, I detailed the major obstacles that clean energy startups face on their path to success. Many clean energy startups failed because of two major flaws: the difficulty of becoming too big and scaling an operation and the difficulty of convincing customers to trust an unproven, untested company with their energy needs. The keys to success for clean energy startups are, perhaps unsurprisingly, almost complete opposites to the flaws that have doomed others in the field. [Read more…]