The Final Blog Post: YouTube Extravaganza

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My Great Migration to Harlem

“Living at the YMCA in Harlem dramatically broadened my view of the world.” -Constance Baker Motley- civil rights activist, lawyer, judge, New York state senator

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Words Words Words

As I (finally and belatedly) finish my project, I took a moment to look back over the collection of words I’ve amassed due to this project. Not only are there the poems that I painstakingly copied down because you can’t photocopy things from the NYPL, but there are my pages of scribbled notes from my interviews, the post-interview notes I wrote for myself, my synthesis of what I’d learned from the past and what I’d learned from the present situation. I looked at the newspaper clippings about immigration my grandma sent to me when she heard about the project. I looked at my three page Word document of links to online articles about the causes of immigration, the problems it poses, how it benefits us as a country.

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TCK Background Research

Third Culture Kid research is a fairly new field that is small but rapidly expanding.  A search on PsychNet (a psychology research database) yielded 28 results for studies of Third Culture Kids.  The oldest study was from 1999, and all the rest were from the 21st century.  As far as I have found, there hasn’t been a study that measures the same thing I am researching- how much TCKs value different personality traits compared to nonTCKs.  There are a few studies, however, that touch on similar issues or shed some light on my research.  Here are a couple examples. [Read more…]