Reactions to the Movie Frida

This summer I watched the movie Frida, written by and starring Salma Hayek. The film represents a biography of her life from her teenage years to her death, encompassing everything from the bus accident that crippled her to the beginning of her art career to her troubled relationship with Diego Rivera. I was interested in watching the movie because it was fairly popular in the United States when it first came out, and I was curious to see how such a widely viewed piece of media was conveying the complicated figure that was Frida Kahlo to an American audience, one that may not necessarily have a lot of background info on the artist or the politics and culture of her time. 

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Summary (Finally!)

At the beginning of this summer, I set out to answer quite a few questions, all about the name erasure of the 25th dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs. We had briefly touched on this and other erasures in my 2-semester long Deciphering Ancient Egypt course, taught by my research advisor Professor Jeremy Pope. Large numbers of statues and monuments from the 25th dynasty Kushite Period are damaged. This erasure is often attributed to the Saite (26th dynasty) Psamtik II as a campaign of damnatio memoriae, permanently erasing someone’s name, and thus memory, from the public record.

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3 – An Insight into Museum Workings and Some Discoveries

After weeks of silence in regards to my letter to the Egyptian Museum Cairo (EMC) regarding my viewing items in storage, I (at the urging of my best friend) took another trip to the museum, prepared to knock on some doors until I got answers.

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Project Summary

Hello all, welcome back to school! This summer research project provided a very different experience compared to what I am used to. Throughout my research I encountered many problems; learning how to read technical papers and teaching myself important biological concepts tested my resolve and ability to learn new skills on my own. Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned throughout this process, however, was how much work goes into producing research papers. Though I had written research papers in class, none were as in-depth or work intensive as my summer research project ended up being. Regardless of my eventual career path, I am glad I was able to have such an experience, as it exposed me to higher-level reading and writing and helped me acquire new skills.

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Evidence of Price Elasticity in Abortion Markets

For the final portion of my project, I tried to find trends in abortion rate data for instances of change in market policy. A noticeable change in abortion rates could be evidence in support of greater demand elasticity, while smaller or insignificant changes in abortion rate could be evidence of lesser demand elasticity.

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Post 3: Cyanopyridine Study part 2

Cyanopyridine Study part 2

2NCPy CuI Products

Thus far I have characterized what I think to be 5 different compounds from 2NCPy. Since none of the compounds have had their formulas confirmed, they will be known by the color they luminesce under blacklight. These compounds are orange, yellow, green, and brown.

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Summary Post: High School to College now Summer to Semester

Hello everyone! The moment you have all been waiting for is here, I have finally finished my research for my summer Monroe project.  I am beyond thrilled with the end result as I have gained so much knowledge not only about writing centers, but about the different methods one can take when researching.  I used three different techniques in my research: first hand experience, literature review, and surveying.

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Summary Post Art Therapy

Hey everyone!

This is my summary post! Researching art therapy was a very cool and amazing experience – I was able to tie in my passion for mental wellness and connect it to our campus! The results I got, although with a small sample size, suggested that art therapy is amazing at improving ones wellness. It increased energy and happiness levels and decreases stress in almost every student that participated in my survey. My final products are graphs that I have attached below! I will be going over further analysis with my advisor as the school year picks up. Thank you all for tuning in and please reach out if you are interested or have any questions!

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Third Cinema and Politicized Art Summary Post

Hi all!

I have finished writing my paper and have turned it in! Overall, I am happy with how the project turned out. I settled on the title “Lessons From Third Cinema,” as the common thread between the various moving parts of the project, I realized, was discerning what lessons could be taken from the ideological claims and methodological recommendations of the Third Cinema project, ranging from my inquiry into aesthetics regarding politicized art to very practical considerations about the effects of creating art via collaboration as opposed to on an individual basis. I was happy to explore all of the aspects of Third Cinema that initially intrigued me when I read about them in class.

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Post 2: Cyanopyridine Study part 1

Cyanopyridine Study


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