Post 2: More Reading and (Finally) Data Analysis

Hello! I’m writing this a little late,  but since my first update was a little late, I figured that this would balanced it out.

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Post #3: The Good, The Bad, And The Other Painting.

Back again!

Well, I finally finished my other large scale painting. This one, also 24×36, depicts churches from my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. As with my previous post, this post will dissect the process for my painting. I will go into detail regarding my inclusion of the various elements, discuss how I went about painting, and what I learned.

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Update #3 and Final Summary: Don’t Juul, Stay in School, and Finish Your Monroe Research Project!

Hello everyone!!

Before I begin, I want to start with a joke (ahem):

What’s the coolest vape trick? Quitting your nicotine addiction.

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Once Upon a Time in Soviet Russia: The Final (Almost) Chapter

Once upon a time, there was a girl that struggled to visually convey the content of her essay…

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Blog Post 3: An Unexpected Journey

The deed is done. The paper is finished (for now). Ten rambling pages have been titled “rough draft” and emailed off to several beta readers in my desperate search for validation. These ten pages give me slight anxiety because, as I should know by now, three weeks of reading one book and then ten other books about that book and movies of that book and repeatedly hitting your head against a wall can lead to some significant departures from where you were originally thought you were headed. As for where I thought I was headed compared to where I ended up, I will save that for my last summary blog post (another unexpected twist on this journey, by the way). What I will address in this post is some of the sources that were most helpful to me in my research, and some of the struggles in cobbling together all my disparate points into one.

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Update #3: A Finished Fugue!

I set out at the beginning of this project to do an in-depth score analysis of the Bach organ fugues and then use what I have learned to compose my own organ fugue using a popular melody in the style of Bach. I am very pleased to be able to say that I achieved what I set out to do. Studying Bach’s music made me a better and more experienced student of music theory, and the many challenges I faced in composing this complex fugue have made me forever a better and more technically sound composer.

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Update #2: Choosing a Theme for My Composition

A major part of my project was choosing the pre-existing melody I would use as the subject for my fugue. Of all the parts of the project, this was the one that presented by far the most unexpected difficulties, because I had not taken into account the significant aesthetic differences in how we view music, and specifically the concept of melody, between Bach’s time and today. In this post, I will discuss two distinct aesthetic differences between Baroque and contemporary popular music that complicated my search for a theme, and how I eventually made a decision.

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Update #3: Filmmaking

I’m just about finished putting together my final product and it’s definitely been a long road to get here.  I learned so much from my trip about Mumbai, and was so excited to share that knowledge with my video, but knowing something yourself and trying to convey that to other people are two very different things.  I had so much information and research when I got back to the United States, and I had to figure out how to put that information together in a way that flowed well and made logical sense.  I’ve also made videos for classes and assignments before, but I’ve never made a documentary of this length before (about 15 minutes), so I really wanted to make sure my main ideas came through and I was able to integrate my interviews together with my photo and video footage.

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Post 3: The Beginning of the End

After taking a couple weeks off from working on my project, I am back in full swing to begin the wrap-up. I finished transcribing my interviews (about people’s views on environmental issues) which took a significant amount of time. My next steps are to edit each interview transcript into a monologue from the point of view of the interviewee. Today, I finished formatting the transcripts into individual documents and have finished one of nine monologues. The editing process is fairly quick so I look forward to finishing them in the next couple of days.

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Comparisons of Immigration Narratives B/w All Newspapers

Hello again!

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this post to drop, I don’t blame you. It’s finally time to share some statistics that compare the immigration narratives between our receiving country of the U.S. and the origin countries of Honduras and Mexico. As Week 3 begins, I’m exiting the data-collection stage and entering the data interpretation/presentation stage, so here are some of the highlights.

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