Food Deserts and Health Statistics in Virginia- 3

Analyzing how food deserts play a role in the health statistics of the surrounding population has been an interesting and rewarding experience. However, this project was limited due to the lack of data regarding health statistics in the state of Virginia. It would have been great if I could have gotten more detailed information instead of just the obesity rate (such as chronic illness rate, cardiovascular disease rate, etc.) so that I could have drawn further conclusions. In the future, I would love to gain a deeper understanding of the issue of food scarcity and its effect on health by working in communities that face this issue. Last Spring Break, I was part of an Alternative Spring Break trip to Lynchburg Grows, an urban food farm located in the heart of Lynchburg, a major food desert. I was able to see how the urban farm addressed food security and I had a wonderful experience. I would love to work in similar communities and conduct interviews with local members so that I can gain more insight.

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Food Deserts and Health Statistics in Virginia- 2

While looking through various types of data regarding food deserts in Virginia, I came across “Health Outcome Rankings” and “Health Factor Rankings” of counties in Virginia which I had not heard of before.

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Food Deserts and Health Statistics in Virginia- 1

Over the past few days, I began to collect data on the statistics of food deserts in Virginia as well as obesity rates in those areas. The following table summarizes that information:

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Update 3 and Summary – Optimization of Tribe Pathways

This is the final update and summary of the project thus far. I am happy to say data transcription and mapping are finally finished.  Below is the simplified map I created based off of the data I collected on campus. Compared to the official campus map available on the William and Mary website, the new set of data includes multiple new paths, does not show buildings or pathways which no longer exist, and contains data on the features of each pathway in the code. This new map is not intended to be used to navigate but offers the opportunity to display the data I collected.

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Natural Dyes, Part 3

The final part of my project has involved experimenting with fiber art using the materials I dyed. I researched various contemporary fiber artists to find inspiration, and I was amazed by the variety of textures, colors, shapes, and visual weights that others have created with fiber.

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Research Check-In Part 3

It has been confirmed by spectroscopy techniques that my desired ligand has been synthesized, although in small quantity. The next step is to attach the ligand to a metal in order to form a catalytic compound. The chemical reaction which combines the ligand and the metal was performed and the resulting substance was allowed to sit undisturbed in an attempt to crystallize. In the method of crystallization I am using, the substance is dissolved in a liquid solvent #1, which is placed either below or on top of a liquid solvent #2 in a vial. The substance cannot be dissolved in solvent #2. As solvents #1 and #2 begin to mix, the substance slowly travels from #1 to #2 and precipitates out into solid crystals. Once the crystals have precipitated, they can be electrochemically tested for hydrogen oxidation.

International Relations in the Middle East (Final Post)

Over the last two weeks, I have researched three different problems in the Middle East, namely the diplomatic crisis in Qatar, the civil war in Yemen, and the Saudi-Iranian rivalry. In Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and some of its Gulf allies, have started an embargo which seeks to influence Qatar’s policies going forward. So far, the embargo has been ineffective and Saudi Arabia has been forced to lower its demands. The civil war in Yemen is a remnant of the Arab spring. The Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, are fighting against the Saudi backed government. The conflict has led to large amounts of civilian casualties. Finally, the Saudi-Iranian rivalry has been a destabilizing force in the region since the Iranian revolution. The conflict has also been partially defined along Sunni-Shiite lines. Next, I examined these problems through International Relations theories.

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Another look at silver – post three and summary

Review of Timeline 

Japan/Potosi Silver Cycle: 1540s ~ 1640s

Single-Whip Tax Reform: 1580

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Another look at silver – post two

In the previous post, I briefly recounted the economic situation and currency system of the core regions of the Chinese empires before Song. This post is about the economic background and currency system of the Song dynasty and its subsequent Yuan and Ming dynasties.

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Drawing the Party Line: Virginia’s Journey So Far

Virginia has been in the news for redistricting, mostly for the 2016 redistricting decision.

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