Post #2: End of Part 1

Since my previous post, I have completed the first part of my project and planned my approach for the second part. I began by taking 3-4 days to compile the data set I needed to use. This was incredibly tedious because, for each of the 1053 team-year combinations, I had to correctly save and format the file to make it usable in my program. Once that was done, I ran the code I’d written (which I described in my first post), in order to create a master dataframe.

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Summer Research Update!

Recently, I have completed my preliminary research on dark humor and finished designing my survey for the experimental portion of my research.

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Post #1: Words Women Use

The first step in starting my summer research project was writing my survey. Since the project deals with people, I first needed to write the survey to complete my protocol for the Student Institutional Review Board. Another part of the protocol was completing an online course in ethics by CITI.

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Modeling a Magnetic Field

Modeling the Magnetic Field around a Magnet

This week, I modeled a magnetic field around a magnet. The strength and direction of a magnetic field can be modeled by the following polar equation where θ is the angle from the direction of the magnetic north pole, r is the distance from the magnet, and |m| is the strength of the rare earth magnet.Since the magnetic field is only dependent on r and,it can be modeled in two dimensions. This would mean that the graph could be rotated around the x axis, and the magnetic field would not change. Below is a model of the magnet in the x, y plane, where the magnetic North pole is pointed in the positive x direction. The arrows indicate the direction of the magnetic field at a certain distance from the magnet, and the strength of the magnetic field (in nanoteslas) is indicated by the color, with purple being a field strength of 30 nanoteslas and over.

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App Development: Update 1

I am writing this having done about 1/3 of the work hours outlined by this grant. At this point, I’ve looked into and completed a few online app development guides and have begun working on the foundation for my app. Two websites stood out as particularly good for learning app development, Treehouse and Udemy. Over the last week I’ve focused mainly on Treehouse, but they both use a similar follow along strategy for teaching, having students watch videos of apps being created and do everything the instructor does. And although this might take away some opportunity for the student to try progressing on their own, it’s almost necessary to follow along with a teacher when learning how to use Java and Android Studio (the language and development environment I use to make apps). Although with enough determination anyone could learn how to use these tools, there’s a pretty steep learning curve with all the syntax and APIs these tools require to function.

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Post 1 – Mapping and Interview

I started my project by creating a site map of  the Banner website using a free online service called GlooMaps. This gave me a better sense of the organization and content of each page. I listed information about each page along with a description of the services it provides on a Google Docs spreadsheet. This was made more difficult by the fact that many pages on Banner are accessible from multiple different points in the hierarchy and there is a high degree of redundancy in the services provided. I found many pages which offer single services for related tasks that could easily be condensed into one page. One particular example of this the Student Information tab where there are separate pages for changing personal information, changing your ethnicity, and viewing your ethnicity. There are also a lot of pages which redirect to external websites but require multiple levels of navigation to access. I would hypothesis that the overlap in page function, lack of discrete pathways for navigation, obscuring of external links, over segregation of tasks, and vague category labels account for almost all the problems users encounter when trying to navigate Banner.

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Post #1: Update on Historical Research & Focusing In

Hello, everyone–

I’ve begun to work on what I planned, that is, to find interesting stories about my hometown and the surrounding areas. The first step I took was to consult my local library, a gray cinder block of a building, with slits of glass for windows. Being honest, I had never been to its second floor; I never thought anything interesting was up there. But, lo and behold, there was an entire room dedicated to the history and genealogy of Greene County, the selfsame county upon which I based my research. An amicable librarian helped me find a good book to get an overview of what I was about to start studying. The book was called History of Greene County, Ohio: Its People, Industries, and Institutions, written in 1916 by a man named Broadstone. That book was the perfect launch pad to start gathering stories and learning about the beginning of Greene County. It was filled with random anecdotes that inspired me to write about and take pride in my home. Some of the more interesting stories included an account of Greene County’s first and last public execution, the tale of the first murder in Miami Township (the township I live in), and recollections on Cedarville’s successes at local firefighting competitions.

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Progress Post #1: Defining Sexual Selection and Establishing its Importance in Human Development

At this stage in my project, I have finished most of my biological research. I’m currently researching the psychological side of my literature review. I will post my second post after I have finished all the research and have an outline set in stone. Finding scientific articles online has been difficult but having books like the Mating Mind by Geoffery Miller has not only given me basic background on the subject but helped me narrow my search topics to find better results. It has also given me the names of people working in my area of interest.  For this post, I will include a rough outline based on the information I am currently working with.

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Post 1: Research and Refining Project (The Microbiota and the Mind)

My research this summer will be focused on the connection between the human microbiome and the brain–more namely, how gut microbes can contribute to the development of neuropsychological diseases like schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder. While we can’t prove causation yet, scientists have found some really promising correlational evidence in germ-free mice models and humans that the microbial communities of diseased people looks different. I think this topic is extremely important in the scope of public health; understanding how our actions/diet affect our gut microbes (and how important those microbes are for our neural development) can inform how we live on a day-to-day basis and how to best treat neuropsychological diseases.

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Creating a Proof of Concept for the Sensor

Post 1:

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