Update #1: An Idea of Scale– Big Pharma in America

I am a little over a third done my research this summer and need to provide a much-needed update! So far, I have looked at roughly 55 sources in forms of documentaries, YouTube videos, newspaper and magazine articles, government reports, and research studies. Because of this extensive research so far, I plan to devote a lot of my remaining time to sorting through this and making it more understandable.

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Post #3: Final Update – Literature Review/Project Summary

Hi everyone,

I have just completed revising and editing my completed Literature Review/Monroe Freshman research project, and I’m so excited to be submitting this to my project advisor soon! I haven’t kept her as updated as I hoped (through my own fault, though she agreed to be a more hands-off advisor), but I hope she enjoys reading the product. Thank you again, Professor Lopresti!

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Post #2: Completion of Reading, Outlining Literature Review, and Further Updates

Hello, everyone!

I am almost done with my research project, and I have been working hard this past month to complete my reading and plan out how I wanted to organize my literature review. I have read over 50 academic papers and had over 100 pages of notes, ranging from topics such as brand loyalty, advertising, the luxury goods markets across the globe in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Iran, and the U.S., the psychology of conspicuous consumption, and more. Consolidating all the information and choosing which papers/concepts were the most relevant to the motivation for my paper has taken a lot of thought, but I will outline below what my plan is for executing my literature review.

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Post #1: Foundational Research on Advertising, Collection of Resources, and Changing Direction of Project/Project Title

Hello everyone!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was only able to begin my research this month. I have currently completed about 20 hours of research, but I am sticking to my plan and I will hopefully have my literature review completed around the first week of August.

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