Name Erasure of the 25th Egyptian Dynasty

This summer, I will be using the resources of the Egyptian museum in Cairo to travel back in time to ancient Egypt. I will be able to both view first-hand inscribed artifacts from ancient Egyptian history, and to read them in their original language. The goal of my project is to learn as much as I can about the Kushite (from modern day Sudan) 25th dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs (ruled 744-642 BCE), whose existence was all but forgotten when the northern “Saite” 26th dynasty came into power and erased their names from all monuments, which is a lot of work considering monumental inscriptions were etched in stone. Why were the names of the Egyptian pharaohs of the 25th dynasty erased? Why were they only erased some years after the 26th dynasty came to power? And why were some rulers’ names on statues erased but others left as they were? I plan to address all these questions, and hopefully find contrasts between the attitudes of the 26th dynasty towards the Sudanese and similar Egyptian attitudes today. Despite the many changes in Egypt since the first millennium BCE, insight into ancient, yet ongoing cultural conflicts between northern and southern Egypt will have a major impact on my understanding of international relations and attitudes between Sudan and Egypt.