In Summary: Words and Pictures Tell the Story of a Place

Bear with me, cause this post is gonna be a long one.

As the summer has come to a close, I must present you with the fullness of my research. I have constructed a timeline of the events surrounding the architecture of the Fan, and hopefully shed some light on the reasons for such architectural evolution as was present during the Fan District’s construction.

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An Architec-TOUR of the Fan

Ahhhh the Puns!

But anyway, while I was out finding houses to photograph and draw around the Fan I thought I would take the time to put together a little video tour of some of the more famous and architecturally significant buildings. So I’ve made a little video for you to enjoy and included the YouTube link, as the file size was too big to upload in this post.

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First, let me apologize for the long absence between my last post and this one.

Second, I must admit to being a tad overwhelmed.

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Richmond’s No. 1 Fan: A Brief History of the Fan District

Hello dear reader,

Today I write to you, not from the City of Richmond, but from the equally urban City of Detroit. Well…more specifically, the suburban-ish outskirts of Detroit, fondly referred to as Redford Township. My apologies for not updating you sooner, but the last few days left little opportunity for blogging. The last two days were spent on the road, as we quite literally went over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house. Before we left, however, I managed to collect several great resources on the history of both the Fan and architecture, successfully acquire a library card, and learn from experience that 10 books is too many to fit in a bike basket – especially when biking against traffic on a one way street.

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