Light Curve Update: A Change in Scope and Other Adaptations

On July 5th, I entered Small Hall and made an action plan with my research adviser, Professor Deconinck, in regards to the troubling news that the observatory dome is not quite yet operational, and likely will not be ready to use until after my investigations with asteroid lightcurves has concluded. We have a contingency in the Meade LX90 telescope that Prof. Deconinck brought in, although its 8 inch aperture limits the size of the asteroids that I can view. Therefore, instead of viewing asteroids which have few to no lightcurves previously made of their rotations I will add to the data collected on larger minor planets, such as Ceres. This is useful information to the international scientific community since it helps to identify and quantify the error involved with using the Minor Planet Observatory Canopus software.

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