Abstract: The science behind split-brain surgery and patient behavior and functioning

In my two weeks of research this summer, I plan to further my knowledge on the science behind split-brain patients. Split-brain patients are those who have undergone a corpus callosotomy procedure, which is when the two hemispheres of the brain are separated. This procedure is intriguing because it cuts off communication between the two sides of the brain, which changes the functionality of the patient with regards to identifying objects and speaking. I want to find out how exactly this surgery takes place and what risks it comes with. In addition I want to explore the effects it has on the patient’s behavior and functionality. Finally, I would like to learn about how it can be used as a treatment for conditions such as epilepsy. My research will consist of extensive research online and in peer reviewed scientific journals to develop a thorough understanding of how a corpus callosotomy works and the effects it has on its patients. In addition to the research, I will consult with my epileptic cousin’s mother to ask about her son’s experiences after his brain surgery that ultimately stopped his seizures in order to learn about the effects of brain surgery from a different, first-hand experience