Dressmaking – Skirts – Part 2

The overskirt of the dress, made of shiny yellow polyester, is done and hemmed. This skirt actually was easier than the underskirt, as I did not have the tension problems of the underskirt. The front apron is made of three pieces, a front and two pleated sides. The back is made of a large square of lined fabric, pleated into the waistband and then covered with part of the sides of the apron. The back possibly should not have been lined with muslin, but it came together easily.

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Dressmaking – Skirts – Part 1

The underskirt just needs to be hemmed, which shall be done tomorrow. It would have been done today, if my hem helper/corset lacer/photographer had not been out of town.

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Dressmaking – Undergarments – Part 6

After a long, hard struggle, my corset is done. The longest part was waiting for the supplies to come, as JoAnn does not carry steel bones or busks. I ordered some bones, then made a mock-up using muslin, then ordered more bones, got more fabric, and finally made the actual corset. In hindsight, it would have been easier, cheaper, and faster to order a corset then to make it, but I do not regret doing it.

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Dressmaking – Undergarments – Part 5

After messing with the bustle a bit (for one, the ties were on the wrong side) and making a smaller chemise, the bustle is done and picture ready. Now I get to work on the corset, which I possibly should have done before the bustle.  The mockup is going slowly, mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing, but it is almost done. The actual corset should be begun later this week.