So close to being done, I can’t even think of any more good Che quotes.

Last movie. Final analysis to come!

Bloody Che Contra

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“Shoot, coward. You are only going to kill a man.”

So close to being done. Two more films, and then a final analysis.

El Che: Investigating a Legend

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Abstract: The Struggle for Interpretive Power Over Che

I am using contemporary films to explore the different ways that society portrays the Cuban Revolution leader Che Guevara. For many people, Che is a symbol of hope and the strength of the people to rise up against oppression. For others, he is a symbol of terror, destruction, and death. In our society, it is evident that the view of Che as a heroic revolutionary is dominant. We wear t-shirts bearing his image, and we generally think of him as a brave hero as opposed to a terrorist. My project will investigate these two perspectives and aim to pinpoint the ways in which one has become dominant over the other. I will be using films that have been created about Che Guevara since his assassination in 1967 as a means of achieving these goals. For every film I study, I will identify its position in regard to Che and conduct background research to gain a further understanding of the film’s stance. I will then conduct a short write-up about each film and use these write-ups to draw greater conclusions at the end of my project.