College Sports Attendance & Gender – Update 2

So I decided to add a little more to the project than I had originally planned. Considering the website I was using to collect data had data all the way back from 2009, I thought seeing how differences were playing out over time would be interesting to see. I also decided to reevaluate the ratio I was using earlier. The way I was calculating ratios made comparisons between schools effective. However, the t-tests I was running were focusing on the differences between the men’s and women’s ratio. Programs that were large had a big difference between the ratios that implied that one program would be way more popular than the other, when actually the difference was fairly small relative to the attendance size. I decided for each school to divide the women’s ratio by the men’s ratio; value below one shows that the program attendance favors the men’s team; values above one favor the women’s team.

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