Post #3: Final Update – Literature Review/Project Summary

Hi everyone,

I have just completed revising and editing my completed Literature Review/Monroe Freshman research project, and I’m so excited to be submitting this to my project advisor soon! I haven’t kept her as updated as I hoped (through my own fault, though she agreed to be a more hands-off advisor), but I hope she enjoys reading the product. Thank you again, Professor Lopresti!

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Almost The End

I have a couple last places I plan to visit in D.C. before I head back to school, so I want to wait to include them in my post about the city, but I have started putting together my travel article/food essay/conclusion and wanted to post the part that serves as a kind of introduction. I’ve also bulleted some of the main thoughts I will be throwing in the rest of my article along with my stories from the cities themselves. Enjoy!

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Conclusions on Nematode Spermatogenesis

My research time in Virginia yielded some decent results. Due to the limited amount of data that I collected, any conclusions I can draw are tentative. I definitely require more evidence, but the preliminary results show some interesting insight into the reproduction and spermatogenesis of the nematodes I am working with.

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