Thoughts About the Future

I started this project because of the frustration I had with the protests and other movements that cropped up after the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice. It seemed that the use of social media to organize and inspire was great for short-term work that centered on expressing pent-up emotions and drawing attention to the problem, but that the platforms offered little in the way of in-depth discussion. Too often, news articles would focus on the organizers themselves and look at their personalities and histories as opposed to the issues they were trying to draw attention to. Too often, social media platforms encouraged the spread of misinformation and fear mongering, with hate from both sides coming into play.

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Ideology of the Cemetery, Ideology of Archaeology, Ideology of Resistance

It is presumably time that I make my first blog post. Here, I hope to detail three things:

  1. My renewed understanding of struggles for liberation and sovereignty thanks to the educational work of Sierra’s SPROG
  2. Notices through preliminary research of the history of disrupted human remains for marginalized communities
  3. Randall H. McGuire’s “Ideology of the Cemetery” as it relates to the previous two items

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