PPACA and the Uninsured #3 cont’d

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PPACA and the Uninsured #3

My research on the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act comes to an end.  All that’s left is dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.  Over the course of my research, I’ve learned quite a bit about the public policymaking process, the political strategies behind legislation, and the health care system.  As the preeminent reform law in health care, the ACA was the perfect vehicle to explore how political insiders interact with outside pressures, how they manage to use policy to create support.  At the heart of my research is the question:  Did the ACA create a self-sustaining constituency yet?  The answer is no.  Although the legislation still has a long way to go, the opposition’s organized and systematic response has clouded the benefits of the legislation from the public.  The ones who should be the most ardent in defending the ACA, the uninsured, have not rallied around the legislation.  Ad campaigns, vitriolic propaganda, and drawn out legal battles have turned the image of the ACA from revolutionary health care reform to an invitation for increased government bureaucracy.

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Research Blog #2 PPACA and the Uninsured

In my last post, I updated on my steady progress in the field research.  As I near the finish line of my surveying, I would like to spare some blog space for covering some of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) most important features, especially relevant in light of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to uphold and strike down several of its features.

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Research Blog #1

My first week of research has yielded significant progress.  My study of public opinion among uninsured groups on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) proceeds better and faster than expected.  Thus far, I have surveyed 70 patients in the waiting rooms of the Daily Planet Health’s outreach program at the Conrad Center and the Richmond High Blood Pressure Center.  Both clinics receive numerous uninsured patients willing to express their political sentiments in my survey.

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