ADS Ray Gun – Update 2

Welcome to my second research update!

The second half of my research was spent trying to discern the pros and cons of non-lethal weapon proliferation, specifically regarding ADS, the ray gun that leaves no trace and that none can withstand.

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ADS Ray Gun – Update 1

Hello all!

This is my first update on the progress of my Monroe research project with which I hope to examine non-lethal weapon (NLW) development and weigh in how the US government should go about implementing the next generation of such weapons (which happens to be the straight-out-of-a-sci-fi-movie Active Denial System) to avoid potential human rights abuses that could result from the proliferation of this technology.

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#2: Ethics in Photojournalism

Like I said in my last post, talking abstractly about ethics, editing, and photography can be very confusing so I will use this post to show you real examples of photoediting that corrupts the integrity of the photo.

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