Final Post: How’s William and Mary doing?

The final product for my research project was initially going to be an ideal study abroad program that could be used as a guideline to improve current William and Mary programs. The only problem with developing an ideal study abroad program is that it will not always be feasible for implementation.

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Summary Post

Hi everyone,

I incorporated suggestions from my advisor and am now officially done with my summer project. It has been a very rewarding experience!

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Final Post

In summary, I wanted to create a magnet-based sensor for the shoulder and started off by creating a proof of concept. I created a styrofoam model of the shoulder and placed a magnet on it. When moving the model’s arm around, I could detect the changing magnetic field on the magnetometer. It worked well in the fact that moving the arm with the magnet on it would change the magnetic field read by the magnetometer. However, I did not rotate the whole model or move it around to see the effect of the outside environment. Later, when testing on a real person, we found that the outside environment changes significantly due to the proximity of metal objects, including phones, metal screws in tables, and doorknobs. Upon creating the proof of concept, I created a model for the magnet that was placed on the arm. I treated the magnet as a dipole and predicted where that dipole would need to be given a magnetometer’s reading. Lastly, I defined the position of the arm in terms of yaw, pitch, and roll coordinates, and given a magnetometer’s reading, I was able to limit the position of the shoulder to two spots in the yaw, pitch, and roll coordinates. This model did not account for the thickness of the arm, and the estimate for the position of the magnetometer was rough. The model also did not account for the motion of the magnetometer when the arm was being raised. This plays a significant effect on the reading because the magnetometer rotates with the arm when it is raised, so the change in the magnetic field is less significant than it should be.

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In Summary: Words and Pictures Tell the Story of a Place

Bear with me, cause this post is gonna be a long one.

As the summer has come to a close, I must present you with the fullness of my research. I have constructed a timeline of the events surrounding the architecture of the Fan, and hopefully shed some light on the reasons for such architectural evolution as was present during the Fan District’s construction.

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