Summary: What I’ve Learned From Painting a Melting Pot

At long last,

This project has taught me many things, both in the realms of history and painting. As I’ve already discussed the paintings and what I have learned from them, I will now move on to the history.

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Final Summary

Going into my project, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to find.  I knew that there had to be some aspect of alteration to the Irish myths, given the lack of information about the old Irish deities, but I didn’t know how much or how obvious it would be as I read through the myths.  And when I first started out reading, I realized that it most likely would be very subtle changes.  For the most part, that was right, there were a lot of things that could very well be edits by the Christians that I only noticed due to it not feeling right.  For instance, the repeated use of the number 7 in a lot of the myths just seemed weird to me, because I already knew that number held a significance in Christian stories.  With further research, I found that the main sacred numbers of Irish mythology were three and five, with the importance of the trinity and the five provinces of Ireland being some of the reasoning behind that importance.  Due to this, it was a reasonable theory for me to make that the abundance of the usage of the number seven was an alteration by the Christian monks who wrote down the Irish stories.

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Final Summary of Immigration Research

Hello all!

To everyone who read my earlier updates, thanks for joining me on my epic quest to compare immigration narratives between U.S., Mexican, and Honduran media. To those of you who would prefer a short-cut, here’s a quick summary of my research process and findings. If you’re interested in an aesthetically-pleasing presentation that expands on my work, click this link:

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Laguerre-Gaussian Modes: Final Summary

My freshman Monroe project essentially consisted of two main parts: imaging Laguerre-Gaussian laser modes and their superpositions for Louisiana State University’s machine learning research and testing the coupling of these modes and superpositions into a single-mode optical fiber.

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