Risky Food: Abstract

“Risky Food: Understanding Potentially Disadvantageous Taiwanese Food Trade Restrictions.”

I plan to research two cases in which Taiwanese fears about the safety of imported food led to trade restrictions. In the first case, fears of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) and the food additive ractopamine led to restrictions on US beef. Restrictions have been ongoing for over a decade. In the second case, Taiwan has instituted and maintained of radioactive contamination of food products from the Fukushima area of Japan, where the 2011 nuclear disaster occurred. While there remains some level of risk with both foods, the danger has been argued to be relatively low. Potentially more consequential is the risk of damaging relations with the United States and Japan, two of Taiwan’s most important partners.

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Cultural Pride in Local Cuisine

I’ve completed my project, and I want to share some of the results.  The most important component of my project was the interview with José Manuel Córdoba, the dueño and head chef of the restaurant “El Ventorrillo el Chato,” a highly popular and famous restaurant in Cádiz. He confirmed that the historical presence of many cultures on the Iberian Peninsula has had a major impact on the types of foods prepared today.  He said that the city of Cádiz does indeed have its own signature plates.  On the topic of the impact of modern globalization, Córdoba said that the new means of transport that arise from globalization has indeed changed the preparation of food completely. It is possible to deliver products much more rapidly, and also enables the use of products from different countries.  He affirmed that food is of great importance in the culture of Cadiz. He observed that when gaditanos have some money to spend, they spend it on food to eat with their friends and family, because food is central to social and culture.

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Balancing the Magic of España with the Realities of Life

Despite the fact that this is my first blog, I have actually been working on this project bit-by-bit for the past month.  My study abroad has been amazing, but so incredibly busy! Not only do we have full-time classes (and exams this week!), but also planned program activities to explore Cádiz and weekend excursions to other cities in Andalucía.  So, my first difficulty has been finding the time to do everything that I want and need to do!

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