Resources on college campuses for Transgender students- 2nd post

At this point in my research, I have gone through my entire list of schools filling in information I found easily. I also started going back through my list filling in missing information or recording area-appropriate contact info. After getting this far into my project, I’ve realized that I am unsatisfied with the direction I was taking it in. After finding this information, I don’t feel confident enough in the scope and depth of my rating system to create the database I had planned to. My problems especially showed themselves in the gender change and private bathroom categories. I also don’t feel confident in determining how important specific categories are or should be.

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Research Realizations and Citizenship Equality

So, I started my research many weeks ago but seem to be very late on the blog-posting bandwagon. Even though I started collecting books and reading many weeks ago, I was reluctant to put my thoughts into words because I was unsure about the true direction of my project. The research started out strong; I checked out numerous books from the library, each tackling a specific aspect of my initial topic (Muslim women in India and their property rights). At least fifteen books adorned my dining room table: there were books on Islam, Islam in India, the Women’s Movement in India, Muslim women’s property rights, Muslim women in India, and so on. Intrigued as I was in studying the struggle many Muslim women face in claiming and receiving property inheritance, I kept coming across heated and fascinating arguments about divorced Muslim women and their daily trials in India – moral, familial and judicial. Although I was about halfway through my planned time amount for my research, I changed my topic. I quickly found the arguments, court cases, law and moral discussions surrounding divorce rights to be much more captivating. There is also a greater quantity of literature pertaining to this subject, which is definitely a perk.

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Turtle Excluder Devices in Queen’s Creek

This summer, I plan to spend two weeks in May to assess the use of Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) in a housing development on Queen’s Creek here in Williamsburg. I’m primarily interested in the use of turtle excluder devices  on recreational crab pots. I’m planning to investigate to what extent, if at all, the residents are using turtle excluder devices in their recreational crab pots. There are around ten homes and each homeowner has a dock with anywhere from one to six crab traps. TEDs save turtles (mainly Diamondback Terrapins) from entering crab traps. Turtles that enter crab traps often drown, lowering local biodiversity.   I plan to encourage the use of the devices by providing and installing them on crab pots, free of charge. I will provide plenty of information about the high benefits and low costs of TEDs to the residents. Hopefully this will help encourage more Virginians using TEDs even though they are not required.