Research Update 3: Predicting Past and Present Hall of Famers

Part 1: The Next Players Inducted into the Hall of Fame

The chart below contains the 172 players since 1960 who appear in the top 250 all time in both total career receiving yards and average yards per game. The players are then divided into 5-year blocks based on when the middle of their career fell. For example, Raymond Berry played from 1955-1967, which means that the midpoint of his career was in 1961. Therefore, in my system, he falls in the 1960-1964 category. In these groups, the top 2-4 receivers made the Hall of Fame, or around 15% of the players in each group. Hall of Fame players are denoted with a + next to their names. I bolded the Hall of Fame wide receivers, and italicized the non-receivers, such as tight ends and flanker backs who appear on the list. Active players have their age in parentheses next to their names. No wide receivers who fall in a group after 1995 have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, so I bolded my predictions based on their statistics, and my reasoning is entirely predicated on their receiving data.

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