Nouns and Gender – Update 2

Before reading this update, if you haven’t already read my previous posts talking about my research, please use this link to participate in my study! It will only take about 5 minutes and I greatly appreciate it!

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Gendered Nouns – Intro/Update #1

My work on this project (abstract) can be roughly divided into three categories: planning and creating the survey, running the study, and analyzing/interpreting the results. As I am close to completing the first category, it seemed like a good time for an introduction/update.

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Constructed Language: Conclusion


We now near the end of our long journey through the lore, technique, and arcana of constructed language. In the first week of my research, I studied existing constructed languages, ranging from the most useful (e.g., Esperanto) to the most abstruse (e.g., Ithkuil). I used what I found in my first 40 hours to guide the creation of my own constructed language. In this final blog post, I will discuss the outcome of my foray into the strange world of language construction.

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Constructed Language: Second Week

During my second week of research into constructed language, I worked on constructing and describing my own language. Hilariously enough, although I expected this phase of research to be the simplest, it was very difficult. I began by creating a list of goals for my language, including a hierarchical derivational morphology, extreme simplicity and comprehensibility, and root-words from Proto-Indo-European language. I almost immediately scrapped these goals, as they proved impossible to accomplish in the remaining forty hours.
From then on, I took a more “organic” approach to language construction, focusing on my language’s lexicon and structure before establishing any goals. I decided to derive my language from Latin roots, because Latin is a language with which I am already very familiar. Here is part of the current lexicon of nouns in my language: [Read more…]