Timid Terrapins and Resolute Researchers

First off, I didn’t have great internet access this summer so please excuse my delayed posts.

After getting in contact with Dr. Andy Coleman, who works at IMMS, I struggled to come up with a time that we could meet. He only took boats out to do surveying during the week, and I worked during the week. However, much to my dismay last weekend, I had to work Saturday. Then my boss gave me the subsequent Monday off! At first, I thought, “What am I going to do all day while everyone else is in class or at work?” Luckily, one of my mentors suggested that I go out on a turtle survey, after I’d been telling her how much I’d been dying to go.  After a quick email exchange with Andy, we decided I could meet up with him and his colleague, Jonathon that Monday.

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