Final Summary

My research ended up leading me in a different direction than expected. Of the 28 local interview requests I sent out, only 5 people responded, which was slightly disappointing. Thankfully, after I described my research to the directors of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, they allowed me to attend at the Global Forum on Girls’ Education II for free in exchange for volunteering each day at the conference, which proved to be extremely helpful and gave me 3 of my 5 interview contacts.

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Background on all-girls education

For my second summarizing post, I am providing excerpts on the background of my research and on the reasoning for my research question. I took out the citations from this post for aesthetic purposes, but if you want to see any of the actual studies/trends I allude to, just let me know!

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Post One: Summer research takeaways

As I begin the final stages of my research, I want to share the three main takeaways I have from my work this summer. [Read more…]

Missions of All-Girls Schools Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum

The recent opening of Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, the first all-boys public school in Washington DC, sparked significant debate regarding the need to charter an all-girls public high school in DC. Though the DC School Board’s official stance is that an all-girls public high school is not a priority at the time, many groups have challenged the board, citing the success of all-girls preparatory schools in the area. Through my research, I would like to explore the validity and relevance of the evidence that is being cited by both proponents and opponents of the DC School Board’s decision.

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