Prevalent Morbidities in Homeless Sub-populations – A Synthetic Review

My research focuses on the most prevalent diseases and disorders unique to homeless individuals subdivided into children, adults, the elderly, and veterans. Through this research, I hope to gain insight into the challenges facing homeless individuals as a result of the social and physical determinants of health that constrain their health status. As a combination of medicine and public health, this research will look at the physical and mental ailments corresponding to the morbidities, while also discussing how the socioeconomic status of the patient manipulates their diagnosis and care management. This analysis will evaluate the progression of disease – acquisition/ infection, diagnosis, and treatment. As a result, this research aims at furnishing ministries and providers that interact with these sub-populations a concise, yet accurate portrayal of the current burden of disease. Furthermore, this serves as a preliminary investigation to be expanded upon in further, more experiential research.