El americano no deseado: an Analysis of the Negative Opinion of Donald Trump among the Spanish Media (Post Three)

Due to the nature of my research, many, if not all, of the quotes are in Spanish.

In my previous posts I stated my findings for the top three most popular themes in regard to the media’s reaction to the Trump presidency. Among all of the articles mentioning Donald Trump, the top three most prominent issues were his environmental stance, his unique character, and his foreign relations policy. In most of the articles pertaining to these issues, a clear point of comparison to Barack Obama developed. For this reason, I argue that the major differences in the three topics listed above between Donald Trump and his predecessor is the main reason for the overwhelmingly negative opinion of Trump among the Spanish media.  In this post, I plan to discuss some of the many articles that led me to these findings.

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Reflections and Conclusions on Media Coverage of Vladimir Putin

Two months ago, I began reading newspaper articles about Vladimir Putin and taking haphazard notes. I wanted to see how he was portrayed by American news media over the years, and I had a hypothesis. I already knew the events of his reign pretty well, and that they were, from the beginning, frequently authoritarian or cruel. I assumed, though, that we could see this fact in hindsight but that it would not have been so clear at the time. I thought that in 1999, there would have been some hope, that this refreshing new face would have seemed a possibly beneficial change. Over time, I believed, that perception would shift, on a gradual downhill trajectory.

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Third Term: Media Coverage of Putin May 2012-May 2016

On May 7, 2012, Vladimir Putin became the president of Russia—again. After a four year stint as Prime Minister, he was back in the Kremlin. If you’ve been reading these posts, then you know the drill: I’m going to lay out a timeline of the most significant events in news media coverage of these four years, and then I’m going to tackle the prevalent themes I noticed.

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Putin the Prime Minister: Media Coverage of Putin May 2008-May 2012

Dmitry Medvedev's 2008 inauguration, with Putin standing on his right. Image via New York Times.

Dmitry Medvedev’s 2008 inauguration, with Putin standing on his right. Image via New York Times.

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