Portfolio of Original Compositions: First Post

At this point, I am finished with my first week of creating my portfolio of original compositions. Although in my abstract, I expressed my desire to notate 16 original compositions, I realize now that I will probably have fewer than sixteen compositions in my portfolio at the end of two weeks. While creating my piano vocal sheets for my original compositions (the first one a song called “Someone Doesn’t Love Me”), I have realized that it is more difficult than I had thought to transcribe the nuances that I naturally sing and play. In order to reach the level of perfection I desired in my transcriptions, I spent a day on each song, resulting in 5 fully notated songs at the end of last week. These songs are, “Someone Doesn’t Love Me”, “I Just Don’t Love You Anymore”, “What Broken Hearts Do”, “Back Again”, and “I Know Your Type”. At this rate I will have 10 notated original compositions in my portfolio! It is also important to note that this week I am moving into the more contemporary pop side of my compositions, as last week I transcribed my older sounding compositions!

Portfolio of Original Notated Musical Compositions

Music has always had the extraordinary ability to bring people together. A song or instrumental piece can tell a story or describe a feeling in ways that normal speech cannot, allowing individuals to attach their identity to a song. However, in order for a song to reach a large audience or culture that may identify with it, the composer of the song must be able to communicate their work with other musicians. Although teaching another a song by ear may be a sufficient way to share one’s work, creating a lead sheet, or a transcript of music, is often clearer and more precise about the writer’s vision.

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