Connecting LeJos and Android

I have been working on getting an android phone to connect to the Lego NXT Brick and, so far have encountered some interesting problems. Essentially, leJOS (the Lego programming extension to Java) provides Bluetooth functionality for connecting the robot to either a PC or another NXT. Additionally, Android provides an API for connecting to Bluetooth devices. The trick is to get these two different API’s to work together. This gives me an interesting chance to learn about how devices connect to each other and implement some low-level solutions in Java, which is typically a higher level language.

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Abstract: Solving a maze with Legos and Android

This project aims to program a Lego robot to solve a maze while communicating with an Android phone. Since this robot will have only 2 sensors (much less than robots have used previously), finding an efficient solution to the maze could be valuable for a wide range of robots. Additionally, it will help me explore topics like programming for robotics, and communication between devices, among many other things. The robot must first be configured to accept movement commands from the phone. After this, the phone and robot must begin communicating in order to share sensor and route calculation information. The robot should be able to autonomously solve the maze by the end of the project. If time allows, multiple algorithms could be implemented to compare battery usage and path length.