Conclusion: Nazi Propaganda Then & Now

To summarize the findings of my project, I decided to write two separate pieces; one on the techniques of Nazi propaganda and their effect on women, and another on the potential of Nazi propaganda in modern America.

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Nazi Propaganda: Acknowledging their own Evil

In my last post, I wrote about how many of the propaganda techniques that the Nazis used were frighteningly common. Since then, I have been trying to figure out why relatively basic strategies were able to convince people to follow Adolph Hitler as he killed millions of people and destroyed much of Europe.

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The Power of Propaganda

In order to understand how Nazi propaganda affected women, I wanted to first look at the techniques through which the Nazis exerted their influence.

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Examining the Roles of Women in the Nazi Movement

This summer, I intend to conduct research on the roles of women in the Nazi movement. I want to look at why women joined the party, how they advanced the Nazis’ objectives, and why they remained active in the party as Germany violently descended into the Holocaust. My preliminary research has indicated that most women did not become a part of the party because they believed in the cause, but because they were looking for jobs, or their friends or family members were involved. Despite their initial apathy, I have also found that most women came to subscribe to Nazi doctrine, as they remained members and as party activities simultaneously became more vicious. Because of this, I specifically want to examine the way that party propaganda and policy were able to convince so many women to not only become Nazis, but to believe that the atrocities that they were committing were perfectly correct. My overall goal in this research is to contribute to the understanding of women in the Nazi party, as their involvement with the movement has been largely ignored by history, and the vast majority of blame has been assigned to Hitler and his military men. I believe that it is vital to understand why such a significant percent of the population of Germany acted in support of Adolph Hitler and his Nazis, if the global community is to prevent another crisis of the Holocaust’s magnitude, and I feel that analysis of Nazi propaganda is fundamental in this understanding.