Summary: What I’ve Learned From Painting a Melting Pot

At long last,

This project has taught me many things, both in the realms of history and painting. As I’ve already discussed the paintings and what I have learned from them, I will now move on to the history.

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Post #3: The Good, The Bad, And The Other Painting.

Back again!

Well, I finally finished my other large scale painting. This one, also 24×36, depicts churches from my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. As with my previous post, this post will dissect the process for my painting. I will go into detail regarding my inclusion of the various elements, discuss how I went about painting, and what I learned.

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There is No Vulgarity in Revolt Part 7: Conclusion and Final Thoughts

“Vortograph of Ezra Pound” -Alvin Langdon Coburn (1917)

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There is No Vulgarity in Revolt Part 3: The Disruptive Aesthetics of Vorticist Painting

“The Vorticists at the Restaurant de la Tour Eiffel: Spring 1915” -William Roberts, 1961-1962

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