Post #3: Spatial Variation of Ticks

Hi again! After a short turnaround, I am ready to present my findings about the spatial variation that we’ve noticed in Ixodes scapularis from 2010 to 2019.  As an added bonus, I’ll talk about the patterns we’ve noticed in tick’s responses to climatic variables, although I plan on delving into that as an expansion on this summer’s project.

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Post #3

Hi everyone,

After working on my paper over the past month, I finally finished it up this weekend and sent it in to my advisor. To recap, I wrote about economic studies from the past two decades that evaluated the impact of right-to-carry, shall-issue, and concealed carry gun laws on crime rates in the United States. Sadly for our country, my topic became increasingly relevant earlier this month, as two tragic mass shootings occurred a day apart from each other. In the El Paso shooting (August 3rd) and the Dayton shooting (August 4th) combined, 31 people were killed. These shootings spurred protests around the country, and many people are now reconsidering their views on gun control. Even conservative political leaders are recognizing the need to reform our nation’s gun laws and create more effective policies. Reading about these two tragedies and some of the personal stories of victims was devastating, and I’m glad there finally seems to be some national urgency for reform.

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Post #3: The Good, The Bad, And The Other Painting.

Back again!

Well, I finally finished my other large scale painting. This one, also 24×36, depicts churches from my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. As with my previous post, this post will dissect the process for my painting. I will go into detail regarding my inclusion of the various elements, discuss how I went about painting, and what I learned.

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Post #3: Low Vaccination Rates in the United States and the Outbreaks they Cause

I have finally finished my draft of my paper for this project and I hope to have it completely done tomorrow. I decided that the best way to convey my findings from this project would be in a paper. I divided my paper into three main sections: an introduction/brief history of measles and the MMR vaccine, vaccine hesitancy, and recent measles outbreaks. I concluded with public health efforts that can be made to increase vaccination rates and prevent future measles outbreaks. There was so much more I researched this summer that I could have included in my paper, but I wanted to make my paper concise and convey the most important information I found. I will briefly summarize the main points of my paper below. 

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