Abstract: Exploring the Styles and Techniques of 20th Century American Writers

AKA: something not to forget to post until August. I made the mistake of only making my account on this site late in the summer. I hope the order of these posts doesn’t throw anyone off, and I apologise for my constant scatterbrainedness.

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Wrapping Up & the End Product

First off, I just read a bunch of posts and people’s comments on posts and it’s so nice seeing so much positivity on here. I’m already getting excited to be back at school [/lame].

So I’ve spoken briefly about the works that I read that I clung to emotionally and couldn’t get out of my head for 1-2 months, and I feel like now’s the time to start talking about the grueling process of writing.

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The Research Process

So, on the last post, I gave you all a rundown of the behemoth of writing I’d have to go through this summer. Luckily for me, I’m interested enough in these writers that I was able to do my research while in waiting rooms, while at a linguistics conference in Texas, and while at family gatherings. I’m not sure if it’s really strong consistency or if I just have a really poor sense of judgement, but it’s stopped me from having to cram several poems and a novel into the last week of my summer like we all did in high school.

My responses to the works I delved into fell into two categories: appreciation and admiration. The reason I chose writers who were active during the period between the two World Wars is that these people were going through a ridiculous amount of hardship, having gone through the Great Depression and a World War with another one on the winds. I’ve always loved researching the early 20th century, and as often as people cite negative activity happening in the early 21st century, I was hoping that I could draw connections to problems I’m seeing and experiencing nearly 100 years later.

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A Late Introduction

So I’ve seen people posting that they’re “late to the party,” et cetera, thinking that maybe I’m not the only one that got so swept up in the mythical creative process that I only realised now that I’d put off writing about what I’ve been doing.

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