How Did Dinosaurs Sound? – Update 2

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy?

In the past few weeks, I did a lot of research on the biological and evolutionary evidence for dinosaur sound production. I found a number of fascinating papers. Topics range from bony tongues to skull shape to air sinuses.

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C. Elegans Research: Update #2

(Originally written 6/11/18)

            I have finished the wet lab portion of my project, and I learned so much while working on campus!

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C. Elegans Research: Update #1

(originally written 5/29/18)

            In my project, I will be studying spe-26 mutant C. elegans, in order to gain insights into the function of the SPE-26 protein. If this sounds like jargon to you, don’t worry; I’ll explain!

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How Did Dinosaurs Sound? – Update 1

I have found ten possible interview subjects for the sound design segment of my project. All of these individuals have extensive experience in the world of media, but not all have designed dinosaur vocalizations. For those who have, I plan to what inspired them to create the sounds they did. For those who have not, I plan to ask how they would go about designing these sounds if asked.

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