Lab Session 2 – Summer Conclusion

At the conclusion of the second lab session, I am able to look back and evaluate what progress I have made on the projects in the Young Lab. For my PRMT project, I have accomplished a few key items: I successfully created plenty of PRMT WT, synthesized ONBY on a 500mg scale (although the viability of my product has yet to be verified), and learned the process of de-protection and irradiation (de-caging). While I still have a lot of work to do, I have learned enough about the project and the background knowledge that I am well-prepared to continue this project throughout the school year. As for my dimerizations, the timecourse and ligand trials I completed helped the more experienced students in the lab with their projects (which they are currently writing about). My time assisting older students in the lab also gave me the chance to experience the scientific process of projects other than my own.

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