Wanderer: Abstract

From H.G. Wells to Doctor Who, time travel has captured the imaginations of readers and audiences from all over the world. The opportunities presented by this relatively unexplored genre have inspired me to write a full-length novel, tentatively titled Wanderer, about, well, time travellers. The sequel to the book I wrote a year ago–Traveller–Wanderer is the continuation of the story of Cornelius, a time-travelling Centurion in the Legions of an empire that rules not only over territory, over space, but also over space/time. Cornelius, recently acquitted of mutiny, is called into service by a threat to one of the most critical moments in history: the crucifixion of Christ. He, a pair of Praetorian Guards named Peter Varius and Octavius Ekkehard, and a homicidal narcoleptic known as Nikolai Kasimir give chase to an appropriately shady villain bent on destroying the timeline of Reality itself! Incorporating aspects of history and questionable quantum physics, Wanderer will attempt to not only entertain, but also to give another way to look at history.