“Why silent types get the girl”: Misadventures in Science Journalism

Progress on my case studies was much slower than I anticipated. I ended up spending about 3-4 hours on each of the twelve cases over the past six weeks. My methods consisted of reading and taking notes on each study to ensure that I understood the research thoroughly. After this, I would perform several Google searches to seek out related articles and videos, altering my search terms each time. I took notes on about 30 articles per case.

It quickly became frustrating.

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First Venture into the World of Science Journalism

As my intention this summer is to examine how scientific research is presented in media, I decided to start by researching science journalism. I purchased several books to better understand the relationship between scientists and journalists. I read three books: Taking Science to the People, A Scientist’s Guide to Talking with the Media, and A Field Guide for Science Writers. It was interesting to read the advice these books contain, but it was especially fascinating to detect how the attitudes of scientists and journalists weren’t always in sync.

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Post 1: The Value of Linking Health Promotion and Community Capacity Building Through Research

Hello! Since you’ve stumbled upon this blog entry, or perhaps arrived here intentionally, I hope you’ll take the time to read about some of my research! Whether you’re a public health enthusiast, sociology major or are just reading out of curiosity, this blog will provide insight into health promotion strategies, community capacity building, and how they can be united through research.

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