Summary Post Art Therapy

Hey everyone!

This is my summary post! Researching art therapy was a very cool and amazing experience – I was able to tie in my passion for mental wellness and connect it to our campus! The results I got, although with a small sample size, suggested that art therapy is amazing at improving ones wellness. It increased energy and happiness levels and decreases stress in almost every student that participated in my survey. My final products are graphs that I have attached below! I will be going over further analysis with my advisor as the school year picks up. Thank you all for tuning in and please reach out if you are interested or have any questions!

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Post #3 Art Therapy

Hello everyone! During my last week of research, I looked through the data/surveys I got from actual students taking an art therapy class at William and Mary. As I mentioned in my first post, these students took a survey before and after their class. The survey asks them to assess their stress, happiness, and energy levels. Because the data is over the course of one class and not multiple, I could not average the data together. Instead, I made bar graphs portraying the participants feelings before and after the class. Based on this data, art therapy is very effective. However, we must remember that my sample size is very small – only 16 people were able to take the survey. On the flip side, these findings are corroborated by most of the articles I found while researching – the common finding being that art therapy is successful. I will now try to get some statistics on how reliable my data is and work on my poster!

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Post #2

Hello everyone! I apologize for the late post – I had been researching for 2 weeks and forgot to post about it! Last week, I started to look up current information and studies on Art Therapy to find out why it works (if it even does). A recent study, by Cathy Malchiodi, broke down why this wellness intervention works into 5 “concepts”. Here are brief descriptions of the concepts I learned: [Read more…]

Post #1 Art Therapy

I have decided to focus on a wellness intervention called creative art therapy. This workshop aims to explore individuals’ feelings and help provide much needed relaxation. This workshop requires no prior art experience as the goal is not to create the best painting or drawing, but to express yourself in the best possible way. Participants explore their emotions, gain insight into themselves, and use this information to create coping methods for their daily life.

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