Final Update – How Did Dinosaurs Sound?

At long last, my research is concluded! It’s been fantastic to learn all about dinosaur acoustics – from both the paleontology side and the sound design perspective.

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Post #3: Final Update – Literature Review/Project Summary

Hi everyone,

I have just completed revising and editing my completed Literature Review/Monroe Freshman research project, and I’m so excited to be submitting this to my project advisor soon! I haven’t kept her as updated as I hoped (through my own fault, though she agreed to be a more hands-off advisor), but I hope she enjoys reading the product. Thank you again, Professor Lopresti!

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Research Summary

My research did not necessarily follow its projected path, but I’m very happy with where it ended up. I talked before in a previous blog post about switching my focus from urban/suburban districts to a singular school district (Henrico). In the end, I was able to come up with a lot more compelling data points because of that decision. My final product feels to me like it could be the first step in a much longer research project, meaning the answers I came up with really just prompted new questions for the future.

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Update #3 and Final Summary: Trends and Relationships Between Broadway Theater and Movie Musical Revenue

2018 Freshman Monroe Project Summary:

I decided to complete my freshman summer research project on the trends and relationships between Broadway theater and movie musical industries. I had two main goals for this research project. My educational goal was to apply what I learned in my freshman statistics & data science classes and build my capabilities in data analysis. My personal objective was to learn more about Broadway and movie musicals, especially in advance of my chance to see Hamilton at the Kennedy Center in July.

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