Who Is Young Adult?

So, after all this time, what really is a young adult?

In my opinion, the ambiguity of the phrase is an important one. And, after some reflection, a personal one. At nineteen, I feel particularly connected not just with the genre itself, but also where it is going.

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Final Blog Post: History Behind, and Motivations for Current Chinese Diplomacy with Afghanistan

After lots of research and writing, my paper on Chinese motivations behind recent diplomatic efforts with Afghanistan is finally finished! I am not yet done with the editing process, but I hope to be finished with that by the end of this week.

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ProctorFree Research – Post 3

My research has officially come to an end.

Unfortunately, my second test plan will go unused. After the midterm exam in Professor Schreiber’s class suffered from Proctor Free related technical difficulties, the final exam was conducted without the service. Since we lacked support from ProctorFree, there was no other way that we could access the system.

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African-American Participation in the Italo-Ethiopian War, Blog Post #4


An Overview of African-American Reactions and Contributions to the Italo-Ethiopian War

In my final paper, I’ve presented this information a little different than I did in my blog posts, so bear with me for a second. If you’ve been following my (very long) posts, you’ll see that I first talked about the military and diplomatic history of the war, then focused on an analysis of Ethiopia-related memoirs. In my actual paper, I first talk about the military and diplomatic history of the war, then I provide some background on African-American reactions. After this background, I provide analysis on two subjects: memoirs of individuals who were in Ethiopia during the war (this is the subject of my previous blog post) and then a comparison between two Northern and Southern African-American newspapers. Basically, even though this is my third content-related blog post, this actually chronologically comes second in the way I present my paper.

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