Update 3 and Summary – Optimization of Tribe Pathways

This is the final update and summary of the project thus far. I am happy to say data transcription and mapping are finally finished.  Below is the simplified map I created based off of the data I collected on campus. Compared to the official campus map available on the William and Mary website, the new set of data includes multiple new paths, does not show buildings or pathways which no longer exist, and contains data on the features of each pathway in the code. This new map is not intended to be used to navigate but offers the opportunity to display the data I collected.

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El americano no deseado: an Analysis of the Negative Opinion of Donald Trump among the Spanish Media (Post Three)

Due to the nature of my research, many, if not all, of the quotes are in Spanish.

In my previous posts I stated my findings for the top three most popular themes in regard to the media’s reaction to the Trump presidency. Among all of the articles mentioning Donald Trump, the top three most prominent issues were his environmental stance, his unique character, and his foreign relations policy. In most of the articles pertaining to these issues, a clear point of comparison to Barack Obama developed. For this reason, I argue that the major differences in the three topics listed above between Donald Trump and his predecessor is the main reason for the overwhelmingly negative opinion of Trump among the Spanish media.  In this post, I plan to discuss some of the many articles that led me to these findings.

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A Clear Divide Between Decades: My Monroe Research Summary

Monroe Favs 1

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Who Is Young Adult?

So, after all this time, what really is a young adult?

In my opinion, the ambiguity of the phrase is an important one. And, after some reflection, a personal one. At nineteen, I feel particularly connected not just with the genre itself, but also where it is going.

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