Hollywood and the Holocaust – Final Update

I have finally completed my research and am now putting the final editing touches on my paper and citing all my sources. It’s interesting and encouraging to reflect back on when I first was deciding what I wanted to research and now. I have learned a lot about what motivated the Hollywood Jews and the complexity of making films in such a tumultuous time. It had been fascinating to see the nuances and all the subtle things that strongly influenced the filmmakers of this time period.

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Immunotherapy as a Cancer Treatment- Update 3

After a lot of work and long days of research I have finally completed my Freshman Monroe Summer Research Project. While it was a long process, it was very interesting to research all the different types of immunotherapy and learn about the different clinical trial successes and failures. Throughout my research I have found that in the past few years the amount of research and clinical trials in immunotherapy has increased dramatically as scientists try and find a treatment or cure for cancer. Three major types of immunotherapy which have all had varying levels of success are monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, and cancer vaccines. [Read more…]

Update #3 and Final Summary: Trends and Relationships Between Broadway Theater and Movie Musical Revenue

2018 Freshman Monroe Project Summary:

I decided to complete my freshman summer research project on the trends and relationships between Broadway theater and movie musical industries. I had two main goals for this research project. My educational goal was to apply what I learned in my freshman statistics & data science classes and build my capabilities in data analysis. My personal objective was to learn more about Broadway and movie musicals, especially in advance of my chance to see Hamilton at the Kennedy Center in July.

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Mapping Health Care Access in Malawi: Update 3

After completing both my literature review to establish context for the poor health outcomes in Malawi and introductory training for ArcGIS (a geographic information system that uses spatial data to create maps for analysis), I just wrapped up the final stage of my research project: creating my own map that relates under 5 mortality rates in Malawi to the distances children travel to receive health care and summarizing my findings in a science journal-style paper. This last portion of my research had the largest learning curve due to the many challenges and setbacks I encountered. I also worked with my faculty advisor, Professor Dolan, to narrow the focus of my research project.

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