Politicized Art Update #3

Hi all!

My research is nearly at its close and I am looking forward to putting all the pieces together in my paper, but first, I wanted to update one final time on the research itself before I transition fully to writing!

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Update 3: Final – The Trend of Regional Independence Movements and its Portrayal in the Media

As my 80 hours of research come to an end, I have some closing thoughts on my project. I was definitely able to explore various themes of international relations and further confirmed my interest in this broad topic. The culmination of the project into a research paper also allowed me to fine tune my writing skills while using various sources and outlets. Within my paper, I discuss the rich histories of all three regions and their current political situations as well as the role of the media around the globe and in these regions. I was able to find at least two scholarly papers/studies that detailed these three secession movements and a detailed study on the use of media in the Scottish independence referendum. 

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