Religious Rhetoric, Public Opinion, and Economic Policy– Part 3!

Alright— a bit late, but the quick final installment on my Monroe project!

I have finished calculating results… and essentially, I have realized that, in spite of my love-hate relationships with SPSS and Stata (as developped through various Government and Economics classes), I like these statistical software packages much better than other options out there on the market. I used Fathom to run the statistical tests for my project. While Fathom is impressive, it is not necessarily as accessible as the two aforementioned packages and as such made my number-crunching session much longer and more grueling than truly necessary.

Anyway, I won’t waste any more of your time on this entry! I have results, I have statistics, I have tables! To find out more about my data, analyses, and conclusions, you’ll have to read my paper or come visit me at the research fair!