Immunotherapy as a Cancer Treatment

In the United States, half of the male population will develop cancer, and one third of women will develop cancer. The high rates of cancer have led to an increase in research and interest of the different types of cancer treatment available. By conducting this research, I am hoping to learn more about the treatments of cancer and the differences between these treatments.

One type of cancer treatment therapy that is gaining popularity is immunotherapy. There are many different types of immunotherapy treatments, such as monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines, and more, all of which are being used to treat cancer. As this field continues to develop, immunotherapy is used to treat several different types of cancer. I am going to be researching the ongoing use of immunotherapy and investigating the differences between the different types of immunotherapy. I will also be looking into the success rate of immunotherapy and how it varies between the different types of immunotherapy; additionally, I will research the advantages or disadvantages of this type of treatment.

In order to conduct this research, I will be reading current scientific studies and research papers which describe the results of this type of treatment. This research will help me better understand the differences in cancer treatment and could help show the strengths of certain types of treatment, or it might demonstrate an area of weakness.