Update #3: Wrap-up and final product!

Hello! This is my final update to let everyone know that I’ve officially finished my research!

The whole process was extremely rewarding. I feel like I answered all of the questions I had going into this project and ended up learning a lot of unexpected information about our microbiota and our gut health in general. One thing that surprised me was how little evidence there was for FMT or psychobiotics actually working on human patients with psychological conditions (there’s some great research done on mice, but it doesn’t exactly translate). That being said, this field is still relatively new and I’m looking forward to hearing more from the scientific community on this subject in the future.

I feel like this process gave me more practice in research and outlining methods, and it was interesting to integrate my findings into a final product that wasn’t a literature review. I would say it was definitely more challenging (and more fun!) to think creatively about how to convey my message through a pamphlet and a video.

I’m extremely happy with my final product, which ended up being a set of tools for general public health education: you can check out this informative pamphlet for tips on preventing gut dysbiosis and this short video I made to be entered in next year’s Brain Awareness Day contest!

My favorite part of this project was actually appreciating how interdisciplinary the subject ended up being. I learned a little bit of chemistry, neuroscience, anatomy, and physiology, and it was exciting to feel like I succeeded in making that information more accessible to others.

Good luck to everyone finishing up their projects! Can’t wait to see all the final updates.