Post #3 Art Therapy

Hello everyone! During my last week of research, I looked through the data/surveys I got from actual students taking an art therapy class at William and Mary. As I mentioned in my first post, these students took a survey before and after their class. The survey asks them to assess their stress, happiness, and energy levels. Because the data is over the course of one class and not multiple, I could not average the data together. Instead, I made bar graphs portraying the participants feelings before and after the class. Based on this data, art therapy is very effective. However, we must remember that my sample size is very small – only 16 people were able to take the survey. On the flip side, these findings are corroborated by most of the articles I found while researching – the common finding being that art therapy is successful. I will now try to get some statistics on how reliable my data is and work on my poster!

Thanks for reading,

Suhas Suddala


  1. aramakrishnan says:

    Your research on art therapy sounds really interesting! I didn’t know very much about it prior to reading your blog posts, so it’s intriguing to discover that it might have positive effects when it comes to mediating stress levels. I appreciate that you took into account the statistical reliability of your results, because that’s important especially when extrapolating your data to different populations. It might be difficult to make a causal statement about how William and Mary as a whole can benefit from art therapy with a sample size of sixteen people; in addition, the gender and class breakdown of the students who answered your survey could also affect your results. For example, if the art class was taken predominantly by freshmen, it would be hard to then generalize those results to all class years at William and Mary. However, your research definitely opens up an avenue for further exploration and research into art therapy and whether or not it might be helpful for various grade levels and students.
    I’m part of a group on campus called Buddy Art that does arts and crafts with neurodiverse children at the James City County Rec Center; your research reminded me of that, and the work that Campus Buddies does there. That might be a tangentially related activity on campus that may have elements of art therapy.
    Great work! I’m excited to hear more about your data reliability and final poster.