Office Database, Post #3: Project in Action!!

Ah, the end of the freshman Monroe project saga.  As researchers prepare posterboards and oral presentations, it’s nice to look back at how much has been accomplished (or changed!) since that original project proposal.  Let’s take a look:

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Office Database, Post #2: Find that Scholarship!

The database is officially up and running!!  I am so excited to have accomplished the core of what I wanted to do this summer.  My goal was to create a functional, elegant solution to a bit of office clutter, and hopefully my project accomplishes that.  Here is a quick overview of how it works:

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Office Database, Post #1: A Fresh(er) Start

Well, it’s the middle of August, and I’m finally getting around to my first project update.   According to my timeline, I should be wrapping up my digital database right now, running it through trial runs, and preparing it for actual use.  In reality, I’m only getting started.  Over the past two months, preliminary research and some testing has led my project in a whole new direction, thanks to two important realizations:

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The Structure of Efficiency: Building a Digital Database to Streamline Office Functionality

Data management and information accessibility are the backbone of the technological age.  As the international pool of knowledge is transferred to digital media, the problem of efficiently storing, organizing, and accessing all this information is emerging as an issue demanding attention in both the public and private spheres.  This project will examine data storage in the particular case of William and Mary’s Charles Center Peer Scholarship Advising Office.  Currently, the office suffers an outdated digital storage system plagued by disparities between data sets, difficulty in finding relevant information when needed, and confusion regarding different versions of the same file, among other problems.  My goal is to solve these issues and increase office efficiency by  programming a customized, executable database to handle datjava.jpga management specific to the office’s needs.