Post #3: Poems, Etc.


I’ve really gotten to work this week. Twenty-one hours left, but they’re starting to go faster with all the writing that’s happening. This will be my last update before I finish up. That’s encouraging.

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Post #3: Zebrafish Lab Work Finished, Data Entry & Statistics have begun!

My three weeks of on-campus lab work have officially concluded! Now it’s time to go through all the data I collected, write a scientific-style paper about my results, and create a poster that I can display at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. I will talk more about my paper and poster in my summary post, for they are not yet complete, but I can describe what I observed in the lab during week 3 and the preliminary statistical results I have to share!

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Progress Post #3: A Very Rough Draft

Hello again,

So I have finished my rough draft. Just to reiterate my focus was whether happiness and enjoyment reinforce engagement in sexually selected behaviors. The behaviors I used as my examples were sports, art creation and viewing, and large-game hunting. Since these behaviors are not usually considered to be related to sexual selection I spent a substantial amount of my paper explaining how they can be viewed as sexually selected behaviors.  While I feel that my explanation on why these behaviors are sexually selected are solid, establishing causality between the behaviors and happiness seems to be impossible as I could only find correlational studies. This is understandable as I feel that a causational study that could cement my thesis would be hard to formulate due to the nature of my question.  Currently, I am debating whether or not to add a  paragraph about the lack of causational evidence available. I also feel like my focus is a bit unclear in my paper because I spend so much time talking about purely sexual selection and how the behaviors are sexual selection so I will be working on that. Under is an outline of my paper so far.

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Post 3: Immunocontraception and Chemical Sterilization

This last week of research has mostly been focused on writing a white paper. Now, what is a white paper? It’s basically a literature review with more of your opinion in it. The goal is to present an idea or solution to a problem. They are frequently used in business and government to present products or bills.

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