Update 1: Beginning to Dissect the Frog

The Humor CodeAlthough I’m not set to officially begin my research until July 1st, I decided to get a head start. I began by reading Peter McGraw (PhD) and Joel Warner’s The Humor Code: A Global Search For What Makes Things Funny—a book my advisor, Sociology Professor Thomas Linneman, gave me to help jumpstart the project.¹ McGraw is an academic and Warner is a journalist which meant The Humor Code had enough theory, fieldwork, and analysis to act as a springboard for my own research while also having enough story, style, and humor of its own to justify it as a pleasure-read. In The Humor Code, Dr. McGraw and Warner travel the world exploring which aspects of humor are universal and which differ greatly from culture to culture, person to person. In the coming blog posts, I’ll share the specifics of what I learned from this book and how I plan to incorporate it in my own research. For now, I recommend The Humor Code to those interested in travel writing and/or humor studies.  

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